Dear Loyal Dozers Customer,
Welcome to our new Tell the CEO!

DOZERS was founded because of the desire to create an all-natural dental treat that was a healthy option for our dog Maggie which she would love and enjoy. Maggie is our 3 year old miniature Dachshund, that my wife Laurie and I Iove dearly. Like pet owners all over the world, the unconditional love of a beautiful dog has enhanced our lives greatly.

Our previous Dachshund Ramona, passed away several years ago because of a disease that could have been prevented by better dental care. Because we did not know how important great dental care was to Ramona's overall health, due to infrequent brushing, by the age of 13 it finally caught up with her and she passed away.

Laurie and I were determined to do what we could to avoid this for Maggie. We aspired to create a superior dental treat that was low in fat, made of all natural ingredients, great for her teeth that we would make at our factory right here in Rochester, New York. After a considerable investment in time, research and resources, Dozers was born.

And yes if you are wondering, Maggie was our test dog for Dozers. She got the very first one produced and in addition to supplemental brushing, she still gets her DOZERS treat just like thousands of dogs do each day. She is a happy dog and so are we. Her breath is excellent and her teeth are very white. It still thrills us every time we pull the DOZERS bag off the shelf and she hears the sound of the bag opening and goes crazy knowing one is coming her way.

We are pleased you have joined the DOZERS family and commit to you to make the most innovative and best treats in the industry.

Thank you for your business and your loyalty!

Doug Hepler


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